Have they found the remains of the fortification from the siege of Alesia?

Jun 2019
Saint Petersburg
Have Archaeologists found or attempted to find the remnants of the fortifications built by the Romans around Alesia during the siege in 52 BC ? If so can someone give me the links and the photographs showing this, or maybe a documentary? Even if the fortified walls surrounding Alesia were built of wood and have rotted away by now, is there maybe a trench left from its construction? The supposed location of the siege is Alise-sainte-reine, in south-East France and when I looked at it on Google maps, I saw something like a line of trees surrounding the ruins of the fort city of Alesia. Is this where the walls were? In some places, going to street view, I saw something like a road with a line of trees in one side and a ditch on the other lining the road. I would like to know if the fortifications have been excavated because I am fascinated and curious about what the foundations of this construction looked like.
Oct 2015
Apparently a controversy has arisen as to whether Alise-sainte-riene is actually the correct site. Some now prefer Chaux-des-Crotenay (in Jura, 35 miles from Geneva) and claim the government won't allow excavation because they've invested too much in Alise . Even claiming that the site has been "salted" with artefacts. (!?) There's thread on this in "Ancient History" forum.
May 2017
In 1988,the son of the military governor of Marseille has participated to an archeological mission with a band of pasioned composed with teachers and militaries at two kilometers from Alise Sainte Reine.They have found two romans pilum but no print of wall of settle.