Helen of Troy

Sep 2014
No woman has as many stories about her as Helen of Troy. The Greeks believed she was real and her name has survived into modern times. One of the things that people forget is that Helen was destined to be a goddess. According to legend she and the Discouri were present as a couple of naval battles...I believe Lysander's victory was one of them. I just read in one thread on Hector that a gentleman was saying Menelaus should have gotten another old lady...but here's the deal. Helen's husband went to Elysium when he died. That's hitting the jackpot. Even Achilles didn't make it to Elysium although I read somewhere that he tried to claim he was Helen's husband.
And she was a real beauty. He wanted to kill her for being a cheat, but she flashed her breasts and off they went together. 1573754417690.png an image from Sparta.1573754493380.png