Hello everyone, can somebody help me identify this item?


Forum Staff
Aug 2016
Please tell us all you can about it. Where was it found? Is it aprx dated? etc.
Jul 2017
Shape, ancient like early Hellenic, general ancient Mediterranean, present until today, they still make that kind of shape.
Weathering, significant, similar to those found under sea, or in open land.
Condition, excellent, no significant damage, which means it was protected wherever it landed.
Seal, indicates a commercial winery of newer date, named ARME. One such region is in southern France.
Logo, two monks or peasants carrying a stick of grapes, in long robes with patterns. Could be a lead to find the ARME winery.
Jun 2019
Thank you for replying!
I'm not so sure about where the item was found, or any other info. I searched the internet for a similar item, info., with no result. All I have is the item itself. I found it in my grandfathers' storage after he passed away. I heard my mother saying that he bought it in flee market in the city of Yaffo many years ago.
Jul 2017
That's nice information, thank you, sir, do you think it's authentic? From which period?

I think the seal is authentic, which means the wine pottery is authentic, barring fraud. I'd say 100+ years old, just before commercial glass bottling took over.
Jul 2017
What do you refer to as barring? sorry don't understand? Does it worth something?
I don't know how much it's worth. You need to find the winery ARME, to locate the period. You have two things, the logo of people carrying a stick of grapes, and the name ARME. You can ask local wine experts if there was ARME winery in or near Israel. If not, search further. The more you know about it, the more it will be worth.

As far as the logo, there is a firm HEPOK in my hometown that uses a similar logo, two people carrying a stick of grapes, and it is wine company, and it is in the Mediterranean region.