Hello Everyone!

Mar 2019
Victoria, Australia
Not sure why, but my previous thread just seems stuck in limbo. So... here's it goes again...

I'm really a nobody that has just finished my degree in history and sociology (double major) and is now looking for work somewhere in that field. But, as many may well know, historians, don't become historians because of the job security or the pay! hahaha.

Anyway, I'm swiss originally, from the Canton de Neuchatel and thus I speak French and can understand some German, Italian and Spanish. I'm a very poor reader of Latin (usually can get the general meaning of a sentence). But in any case, currently, I'm living in Australia and wish to move back to Switzerland.

In any case, to answer the "welcome to historum" questions, I'm very much interested in Gallic/Gaulish (depending on where you are from) history. I'll extend to Celtic and Germanic cultures and histories as well, but primarily I'm interested in, specifically, the La Tene cultures and period of history. I've read every single book, paper, report, published article, etc about that subject that I get my grubby little (or not so little) hands on.

In terms of 'types' of history, I am fairly general. I'm relatively well versed in military history and quite interested in politics. I suppose I'm also interested in the societal aspects to it. But which I prefer the most? well... that's a difficult question... Depends on the mood I am in I suppose...

As for what inspired me? Well, I honestly don't know. Always had a passion for history. Was the worst nightmare of 90% of tour guides/museum guides when I was a kid......

What else about me? Well, I suppose that I love a good debate or discussion about history. A little vice my friends regularly warn others about.