Help finding primary sources on Alexander the Great

Aug 2012
Working on an educational video on Alexander's conquests:

Macedon - YouTube

I have searched online for sources on his conquests but found little, Where can I find Primary sources on Alexander conquests?
Thanks in advance for any help :)
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Dec 2009
Search for Arrian, Plutarch, Quintus Curtius Rufus, and Diodoros Siculus. None are really "primary" but they're all ancient and make up the material that Alexander scholars work with. All can be found in Penguin Classics in English translation except Diodoros, for which you'll want the Loeb. I think it's volume 12 or 13 you need. Mine are at home so I can't check.


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Mar 2011
The following are from my blog, MyReadingMapped
The following are from the web site "Alexander the Great on the web:"

May 2013
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The actual primary sources have, as far as I know, been wholly lost, but we do have access to sources that drew on those original texts from a few centuries later. Of those, I have read some of Arrian but know Plutarch best. His Life of Alexander is an extremely interesting read.