[Help!] Fully assembling the Norse runic alphabet (Futhark) in unicode

Apr 2017
Saskatchewan, Canada
I've always been interested in Scandinavian and Nordic history and found their runes beautiful and mysterious. I was then quite pleasantly surprised to find that all of the Norse runes from both the Younger and Elder Futharks were available in unicode!
I thought I'd just transcribe them all so I could have a text document containing all of them and their meanings in one place but I found that I was missing information on a lot of them and there were several conflicting sources for many of the runes and almost no sources for others!
Linked is the Google Docs document I was using to assemble it.

It would be really cool if someone could help me verify that my information was correct, the letters are all in the right place, and fill in the missing information!
Otherwise, feel free to use this as a source for anything you might need Norse/Viking runes for.