help getting rid of mental health records

Oct 2015
ok so i really need help so for many years i was an atheist and lately i have come to believe that jesus really is real but it has been kind of difficult for people to accept my new change and one thing in my past really messes everything up!!! ok so i recently went to a convent its a cloistered convent and so i was accepted although i was never asked about my mental health so i didnt feel the need to disclose this information although i did give up willingly asthma information diabetes blood pressure and other illnesses which they asked well anyway i had no clue that they were going to ask for the suicide attempts in the past and medicines i had taken which i have only taken two one for anxiety and one for psychosis not schizophrenia though but anyway how can i keep this information secret without lying but most of all without offending god hence not having to go to hell and more to be honest i have everything else and would really appreciate a life of silent contemplation which i cant get in this world i could easily prove that i no longer have mental illness since i was cured of it 2 years ago thanks to jc but do you think they will accept it?? and please no negativity since we are all working for the same GOD thank you blessing in jc


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Mar 2008
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I wish you luck my friend. Unfortunately you have stumbled into a History forum. Among our historians I don´t think there is anyone here qualified to give you the counsel you seek.
Best of luck to you.