Help identifying a Prussian / German military uniform from early 1800's

Oct 2018
Houston, TX
Hello, I'm trying to learn any details about the uniform in the attached drawing. It is from my great-great grandfather (Adam Laubach) who emigrated from Germany (Nassau area). Family lore stated that he was a Prussian officer/soldier. He brought this drawing with him when he arrived in Texas in 1848, at which time he was 45 years old. Thus, I would surmise that the drawing was made sometime in the 1820's or 1830's. Thanks in advance for any info. 20161104_115745.jpg 20161104_115745.jpg 20161104_115745.jpg 20161104_115745.jpg

Oct 2018
Houston, TX
I did consider that, and while it's possible he may have been in the military during the Napoleonic wars, he would have had to have been in his teens then, thus I'm guessing it was in the 1820's to 1830's. I did read online that after 1815 the Prussian uniform was modeled on Russian design as Russian military enjoyed great reputation after the Napoleonic Wars. And I'm guessing the crossed cannons indicate an artillery role. But I'm at a loss to decipher any meaning of the tassels and plume.
Feb 2016
Does it have more colour?
If it’s green and yellow it is certainly Nassau.
However skull and cross bones were, afaik, not worn by Nassau troops. Though what they wore after 1815 I’m not certain.
If this is 1813-15 he could be part of a Frei-Corps, Prussian or Brunswick. If the uniform is Black then Brunswick is a high possibility.


Ad Honorem
Mar 2011
North East England
If the uniform is Green with yellow facings, it is possible that it is Nassau. Without colour it is hard to nail it down.
Feb 2016
Problem with Nassau is, as far as I know... they had 2 regiments of infantry, a jäger Company and a landwher regiment. But no Artillery ... and while the French had a Nassau cavalry regiment Nassau itself did not. And cannons would suggest artillery.

But... I don’t have much information on Nassau post 1815 until 1866. They turn up again as having 2 infantry regiments.

With out colour it’s really tough. Prussia is a strong possibility.
Though we can’t rule out the possibility of the artist making an error.
Feb 2017
Devon, UK
Just a suggestion but might this be some kind of 'passing out' portrait from a military academy (artillery school?) rather than depicting the uniform of a regular unit?

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