Help needed with a source-based exam.

Jan 2010
Leicester, UK
Hey, I'm glad I stumbled upon this place, I'm hoping I might be able to get a bit of advice.

As you'll be able to tell from the title, I have a source based exam coming up and I'm struggling with the analysis of sources in practice questions that I have.

Edexcel Mark Scheme said:
Interrogates evidence with confidence and discrimination to reach substantiated conclusions.

Relates evidence precisely to its appropriate historical context and understands the necessity to do this in the context of the values and assumptions of the society from which the evidence is drawn.

Judgements about reliability and value of evidence are based on the identification and application of valid criteria in the context of a specific enquiry.

In reaching conclusions, the evidence is taken together and evaluation seeks to establish what weight the evidence will bear.
  • The exam is based on the Soviet Union after Lenin 1924-1941.
  • The source material will be based around a "How far do you agree..." question.
  • I often find the sources are quite explicit in their purpose and intent, the need to interrogate them then suggests that they'll often have underlying messages, if you have any tips on reading more into things, it'd be appreciated.
  • I am allowed, and am required, to use my own knowledge on the topic. I'm fine in this department, I know enough about the topic. The problem is interrogating the sources.
The sources are unknown to me until the day of the exam, so I need help with technique, making inferences and the qualities listed in the mark scheme.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I'll be seeing my teacher on Monday anyway, but I'd like to practice more over the weekend, the exam is next week. Just general advice, not specific to the Soviet Union, on analysis technique would be great!

I've had a look around as well, I have a genuine interest in History, and am hoping to study it at University. I'll be around here more often now that I've discovered you. :D

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the long winded post!
Mar 2018
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