Help on finding a London Exchange share list

Jun 2016
I am looking for some source that would list (like a share list of the London Exchange), ie what stocks were for sale or available on the exchange in the early 1840. I'm unable to find anything like that so I believe I may be using the wrong key words. Any suggestions?

What I would be interested in finding is what the company names are of stocks that would have been available in that time period.



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Dec 2011
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It looks as though the LSE archives are still paper and not digitised:
Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section - Records of the Stock Exchange, London

Struggling to find anything except the Railway Bubble of the 1840s

Railway Mania

Railway Companies and their start dates;

"Charlotte Bronte wrote:
My Shares are in the York & North Midland Railway. ... The original price of Shares
in this Railway was £50. At one time they rose to 120; and for some years gave a
dividend of 10 per cent; they are now down at 20, and it is doubtful whether any
dividend will be declared this half-year."

and if you really want to study it:​

A share certificate for the Baltimore & Ohio, 1840:​

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