Help on He Miao's position and forces

Aug 2015
Los Angeles
I am doing some research on a project during the later Han period/Three Kingdom era, and I ran into a small problem on He Miao.

My question came from the ancient sources and the modern translation relate to the Han's capital defense.
In ZZTJ, it records Yuan Shao saying to He Jin

Previous Dou Wu wishes to destroy the Eunuchs but was instead destroyed by them, it was because the words were leaked; the Troops from Five Camps (Northern Army) are all terrified of the those from the interior palace (Eunuchs), and the Dou clan tried to use them, it was foolish and seek self destruction. Today, General (He Jin) and your brother all command strong troops*, your subordinates are all talented and courageous people, willing to fight for you, this event is under your control, this is what Heaven wills it. General, please destroy those that plague all that is beneath heaven, so your name would be forever recorded in history, do not miss this. **

Here it was mentioned He Miao commanded troops, not a small amount either. Also eventually after He Jin and He Miao's death, it was recorded that Dong Zhuo took over their forces with Yuan clan's blessing, leading me to think that He Miao command a big enough forces to warrant a mention.

However in Po Yang's translation of ZZTJ he wrote of that specific section
Today, general and his brother commands the together the imperial defense forces .....

So I thought OK, He Miao must have command the IMPERIAL GUARDS, which is the Southern Army. In 中国经济通史, Chinese Economic History, Qin Han chapter, it listed details of the Northern Army and Southern Army towards the later period of Han
Here the book sourced primary sources Han Gong and Wei Shu Book of Wang Lang. So here it states that the southern army (palace guards) were the Huben and Yuling army, and the North Army were the 5 camps (Dun Qi, Bu Bing, Yue Qi, Chang Shui, She Sheng) which matches with ZZTJ.

But then from Book of Later Han, we learn from Hua Qiao that Hen Dian was
Moved to Colonel of Pinjing, Magistrate of Goudun (imperial garden), and the Colonel of Yuling*.*

OK, so Hen Dian commands half of the Southern Army. How about the Huben then? Surely He Miao commands the Hu Ben?

Yuan Shu, courtesy name Gonglu...........held the post the Magistrate of Henan, and the Colonel of Huben.

OK so if Yuan Shu commands the Huben, and Hen Dian commands the Yuling, that means the palace forces was not under He Miao's command (unless He Miao hold a position that allows him command the palace guard but he didn't have any internal offices I could find). So does that mean He Miao commands the Northern Army? But we know Liu Biao was the Northern Army Inspector (北军中侯).

But that just left me with only one thing to go on, In Book of Later Han, it says about Empress He
[Empress He's] father was Zheng, died early, her half brother from a different mother Jin became the Magistrate of Henan, and Jin's brother Miao became the Colonel of Yue Qi.

But this was much earlier than 189. And the issue was then how much forces was in the Yue Qi. According to Chinese Economic History's estimation from Han records, the total forces of the capital was around 10,000. Remove 2500 from the southern army it means Northern Army was 7500, and of the 5 camps, we can say that Yue Qi Camp had 1500 man.

So is this He Miao's forces that people are saying he had?

Any help would be appreciated.

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