Help requested for identification

Jun 2019
A religious ring bought at antique auction, it was sold as "scrap" at the time, due to be very dirty and covered with hard stain.
The seller was an old woman, claiming her (now deceased) husband brought it back after working at sea, as so many in the first decades of 19 century. The travels usually mainly went pass africa, middle-east and asia.

Anyway, the ring was cleaned, and consists of gold, an 20 hand-grinded genuine natural diamonds.

It has a figure in lotus position, with cloth style i didnt properly identify. Classical meditating deity in a circular world.
Sitting on something that could be a form of lotusflower.

When you flip it, it resembles a goat-alike head with a strange huge hat.

It is high-raised, wich I wonder it has ritual purpose for something.
It has symbols i didnt manage to identify, even invisible for the human eye (found under microscope)
The symbols appear to be under mathematical interesting cycles. (Mantras?)

Can anyone help dating;

Thanks a lot!Screenshot_20190601-213808_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20190601-213901_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20190601-213829_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20190601-213924_Gallery.jpg