Henry Darger's Books

Aug 2016
Is there a way to read Henry Darger's books? I'm not interested in books on his books. I'd like to read from the source.
Nov 2016
Darger was without doubt a great artist, at least regarding many (but not all) of his paintings of the mostly hermaphroditic Vivian girls. However, wiithout knowledge of bigger parts of his monstrous novel one cannot say much about its literary quality.

Considering the extremely sadistic scenes of tortured children that are described there (according to secondary literature), I found it better they wouldn´t be made available to the general public in a world where videos of real child torture are sold in hundreds in the darknet for exorbitant prices, e.g. "Daisy´s Destruction" produced by the Australian extrem sadist Peter Scully, who is in jail in Thailand. I think the novel when freely accessible would have the potential of being a cult book for such sick minds.

A painting by Darger showing slaughtered and tortured girls:



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