Here is why Hitler wasn't evil(No holocaust denial)

Jul 2018
Hong Kong
War is evil. Not the people on any side of the war. They are puppets of fate. Hitler was a product of his times. By absolute standards, if Hitler is evil, I suggest that the Versailles Treat signatories from the allies are even more evil.
Whatever, it's pretty pointless to discuss whether was Hitler evil, that doesn't help us understand history in-depth.
I agree that every war is evil, no matter what reasons in justification, it still causes destruction and carnage.
I also agree that Hitler was the "product of his times", just like many Germans. Hitler was special largely attributed to his genius in charismatic oratory, extraordinary determination and vicious scheming, that's why he appeared in limelight among the crowd and was fated to "lead" the German to the path of the resurrection of glory.

However, I cannot stand somebody really deny the evilness of Hitler.
If Hitler isn't evil, then who else is evil in this world !? Maybe we don't even need the word "evil" recorded in our dictionary afterward.
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Sep 2011
One has to have a particular world-view to regard Hitler as in some sense metaphysically Evil.

Him, and his ideology, politics, state and warfare he was responsible for, was however a disaster (i.e. very bad) when viewed from almost any perspective anyone would care to mention.

Short of, possibly, the point of view of an ideologically convinced and devout Nazi. (And even for someone like that there remains the rather glaring problem of Hitler's failure in most things.)
You have yet to advance anything of substance. Shred of responsibility.

You are bringing known crackpot consiracy theories.You known the earth is flat.

bring something.
So you have nothing to refute it.

We know the Rothchild's are in banking, we know they are one of the richest families on earth.

I'd like you to at least answer one question if you can manage such a task ...............

Who is richer than the Rothschilds?
They have been important figures in high finance in major countries, but there have been many other figures, Jewish and non-Jewish, who have been important too, and the the Rothschilds do not control the world and never have.
Do you like arguing with yourself? I never once said they control the world I said they have controlling influences in all the major financial industries such as the Central banks of Germany, France, the Fed and Bank of England.

The fact is the cabal of people who run the financial industry .......... the Rothchild's are said to be at the top of this pyramid and their CV demonstrates that's the case, how else do you amass such wealth?

A suggestion: such read something about the history of the Bank of England, and try to work out how the Rothschilds could possibly have controlled it, ever.
Money buys people, the accusation is they put people in positions of power who work for them, the exact same way the United States Gov't is lobbied to the hilt by exterior influences.
You underplaying how this sort of business is done is what discredits you, you don't amass such a fortune without being involved in the grubby end of business.
People don't give money away blood, deception and bribery are the only ways to take such wealth against the armies of people and competition trying to take their slice of the pie ............ yet the Rothchild's are announced here as victims of antisemitism, not sure if you've noticed but they are nobodies victims and to say such a stupid thing is beyond reproach.

By the way, Waddesdon Manor, of which you published a picture, is now owned by the National Trust, ever since James de Rothschild bequeathed it to the nation along with all its contents, and finace for a charitable foundation that is run from there.
............... oh so they managed to purchase such an estate but because they've given it to charity, that proves what exactly? its the fact that they managed to acquire such an estate in the first place is the purpose of the example.


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Dec 2012
Prove who does run it then? prove the Rothchild's have never had any attachment to the bankers who enforced the signing over of America's monetary to the Federal Reserve who were a European conglomerate of bankers?
Prove the Rothchild's have nothing to do with the elite level of finance in Britain or Germany or Europe in the 19th Century.
And now you're moving the goalposts. You claimed that the Rothchilds were controlling the international banking world, not that they were just somehow connected to it. You made them out to be all powerful, now you're backtracking.
And now you're moving the goalposts. You claimed that the Rothchilds were controlling the international banking world, not that they were just somehow connected to it. You made them out to be all powerful, now you're backtracking.
I said in my first bloody post that I simplified it for the sake of summary.

You however denied as strongly as to make out they are nowhere near ......... hence the impasse.
House of Saud is not in banking to my knowledge and I'd like to see an assessment from you on what they're worth and what the Rothchild's are worth .......... which is almost impossible to do seeing as people in that position hide assets or have assets in other peoples names.

......... but I credit you for unlike others at least bringing something to the table.