Hey guys ,I have same question about Knight Templar.


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You could share the link to me , that will be awesome , although I can’t read Portuguese but I can translate it by google . Thanks a lot 😄
You will have many translation errors, but... here it is, the Thesis, and some more stuff:

“A Ordem de Cristo durante o Mestrado de D. Lopo Dias de Sousa (1373-1417)”/“The Order of Christ during at the time of the Master D. Lopo Dias de Sousa (1373-1417), by Isabel Morgado:

https://www.cepese.pt/portal/pt/publicacoes/obras/militarium-ordinum-analecta-n.o-1/ler-em-pdf/@@download/file/MOA 1.pdf


“A Ordem de Cristo, 1417-1521”/“The Order of Christ, 1417-1521”, same author:

https://www.cepese.pt/portal/pt/publicacoes/obras/militarium-ordinum-analecta-n.o-6/ler-em-pdf/@@download/file/MOA 6.pdf

or also for a later time period “As Comendas Novas da Ordem de Cristo, Século XVI” / “The New Comendas of the Order of Christ, 16th century), same author:

https://www.cepese.pt/portal/pt/publicacoes/obras/militarium-ordinum-analecta-n-o-13-1/ler-em-pdf/@@download/file/MOA — 13 .pdf

this small article may interest you, the abstract is also in English:

https://www.cepese.pt/portal/pt/publicacoes/obras/populacao-e-sociedade-n-o-26/as-ordenacoes-ineditas-da-ordem-de-cristo-de-1319-e-1323-2013-estudo-comparativo-com-as-ordenacoes-de-1321-e-1326/pdf-as-ordenacoes-ineditas-da-ordem-de-cristo-de-1319-e-1323-2013-estudo-comparativo-com-as-ordenacoes-de-1321-e-1326/@@download/file/As ordenações inéditas da Ordem de Cristo de 1319 e 1323 – estudo comparativo com as ordenações de 1321 e 1326.pdf

All the links are from this site: https://www.cepese.pt/portal/en/homepage?set_language=en, that is a Center of Studies from the University of Porto and a private Foundation. One of their research lines is the military orders in the Iberian Peninsula.

Anyway, I will advise you the work of Alan J. Forey that I posted, since it is in English. At least a quick look will help you, as well as the bibliography.
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