Hindu God Ganesha is from Greeks ?

Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Now, Specul8, you are needlessly casting aspersions on my integrity. That is not fair. May be the Gods became air borne after the two steps. Gods can always do that, particularly Hanuman ji. He crossed the Palk straight in one straight jump, and brought Sanjivani vati (herb) all the way from Drona Mountain in Himalayas to Sri Lanka in another (Roughly 1,500 miles). Actually the world record for long jump should belong to him. :)

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Oct 2015
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Since this thread is right now debating the issue of appropriation and deification of deities, this article might be interesting if anybody's interested in looking it up.
Hi Tornada,

The abstract available says that India was too diverse and that it is not correct to club the diversity into broad themes.

I do not subscribe to this view. To me it is an attempt (or these are attempts) to understand India from a typical rather narrow and short perspectives (say British history which hardly has any diversity relative to India).

India was a single political entity for very brief periods and trying to understand its history from political developments gives us a dis-continuous mass of information - Mauyas, Guptas, Harsha, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, British, Period. Many of these changes (rise & falls) were due to military technology but this aspect is totally, completely, fully ignored.

As against the above culturally India has been a single entity for at least 2300 years. Once we start understanding common themes in cultural aspects then we get a feel for India: Development economy, of architecture, of dance / drama / music, literature, society, religion, and so on. In these there are broad and continuous developments which are subject of regional variations.

Indian History needs to be broadened and re-written.

May be you will agree.



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