Historic shopping lists

Oct 2018
I found this quite interesting article today about historic shopping lists. One of the examples is from the Vindolanda Fort digs at Hadrian’s Wall in the UK. It really surprises me that something as delicate and degradable as ink on wood would survive for so long and still be able to be read (albeit with the help of technology).

Surprisingly, the article claims that shopping lists are as old as 4000 years, alluding to them existing on Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, although it doesn’t give any concrete examples like there are for all other examples in the article. In saying that, I’ve found it quite difficult to find any firm examples myself using Google, apart from replica tablets selling on eBay that claim to a shopping list, and a mention of shopping lists on cuneiform tablets in an article from a Arab news site. Reading the article, it sounds like the writer might have had the same issue.

Anyway, my interest has been piqued, and was wondering if anyone else knows of any examples of shopping lists being found at archaeological digs? I love the idea of something we see as so mundane being of real historical significance hundreds of years later!