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Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
From 1981, in rather poor taste, referencing the Challenger disaster.

Why do NASA personnel drink Coke?
Because they can't get 7 up.

Where did Christine MacAuliffe spend her holidays?
All over Florida.
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Jan 2014
Santiago de Chile
I don't like to disturb the funny atmosphere, but it's always noticeable how stereotypical the image of Germans is abroad, especially in the USA. Now WW II has been over for so long, but the cliché of militaristic Germans still haunts the American landscape. Reports by Germans in the USA confirm this tendency towards stereotypes. One student reports that when he went through the courtyard of a US university, other students showed him the Hitler greeting. Completely absurd. Considering how many sympathizers of the Nazis there are in the USA (22 million according to new polls), one wonders whether this cliché should only distract from the American tendency towards Nazism.
Way to go against stereotypes of the Germans and their sense of humor...
Jul 2019
New Jersey
What did Jeffrey Dahmer tell the FBI?

"Please, have a heart."

What did he tell the old lady crossing the road?

"May I give you a hand?"

What was his favorite speech?

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!"

Etc, etc


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
When former US President Calvin Coolidge died, columnist Dorothy Parker supposedly asked: "How can they tell?"
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Nov 2016
Which Roman ruler had epilepsy?

Gaius Iulius Seizure.

What did Gaius Iulius Seizure say when he wanted a woman arrested?

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Mar 2019
2 million people went to see Stalin lying in state.

Rumor has it most wanted to make sure he was really dead :)
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Jul 2019
Pale Blue Dot - Moonshine Quadrant
When I need a smile, I often pick up an H.L. Mencken essay. I wish there was someone like him around today. He wrote on Presidential intelligence in a January, 1933 Baltimore Sun column titled "The Men Who Rule Us." An excerpt is below.

“…Intelligence has been commoner among American Presidents than high character, but Grant ran against the stream by having a sort of character without any visible intelligence whatever…dogged, devoted and dumb. In the White House he displayed an almost inconceivable stupidity. Whatever was palpably untrue convinced him instantly, and whatever was crooked seemed to him to be noble. If the American people could have kept him out of the presidency by prolonging the Civil War until 1877, it would have been an excellent investment. A more honest man never lived but West Point and bad whiskey had transformed his cortex into a sort of soup.

Very few presidents have had IQ’s has low as Grant’s: even Harding was appreciably brighter. Among them, in fact, there have been some extremely bright fellows – for example Van Buren, Johnson and Arthur.

Arthur was a Broadway character on the order of Jimmy Walker – fond of good living, full of humor, but with no more character than a Prohibition agent. He made, on the whole, a good President – certainly a better one than Garfield would have made. He was too intelligent to attempt any great reforms, and so the country got along well during his term, and when he died at 56 – the youngest ex-President, save one, to become an angel – he was sincerely regretted especially by the bartenders and philosophers. Washington in his time was gayer than it ever has been since. The old timers there still talk about his parties.

Why some ribald historian doesn’t do a book on the Arthur administration I can’t make out, and often wonder. Washington swarmed with rogues returning after the scare they got at the end of Grant’s second term, and every sort of graft prospered. After four years of Hayes’ depressing Methodism, with prayer meetings at the White House, the town was itching for a roughhouse, and Arthur was the boy to provide it. It was his theory, as it is Jimmy Walker’s, that public office is a private bust. But he was no village guzzler like Harding: he preferred vintage wine to hard liquor, and permitted only the best to lave his tonsils.”
Jun 2017
Old pun:
One day, Julius Caesar was walking through the Forum where he met Brutus. "Good morning, Caesar! How many Romeburgers did you have for breakfast? Replied J.C. "Et two, Brute"...and the rest is history.

And much later, sometime between 1953-1961:
Three doctors, a Russian, a Brit and an American were talking. Said the Russian, "We took a heart out of a lion and put it in a man--and now he's out looking for a job". Countered the Brit, "We took the brain out of an ape, and put it in a man--and now's he's out looking for a job". "That's nothing" said the American. "We took an idiot out of the army, put him in the White House--and now we're all out looking for jobs".

And a bit later (warning: a bit risque):
How many newspapers does Christine Keeler take? Answer--one Observer, two Telegraphs and as many Times as you like :oops:


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Aug 2009
Athens, Greece
Supposedly, a Sybarite (from the Greek colony of Sybaris in south Italy) after having tasted the infamous Spartan black broth, commented with disgust: "now I know why the Spartans are all so willing to die". Or in another version, "now I know why Spartans do not fear death".

The Spartan black broth (melas zomos) must have been a soup made with pig's blood and legs, vinegar and salt, and was a staple soup for the Spartans.
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Sep 2012
2 million people went to see Stalin lying in state.

Rumor has it most wanted to make sure he was really dead :)
Indeed, tens of thousands of ppl wanted to see his body, but the authorities failed to organize the state funeral properly. As a result some of them joined him as his servants in the commie afterlife.

Well the whole source of the joke is stereotyping.

But Germany's military prowess dates well before WW2. Even back to before Germany was even a place
I suppose you are talking about Prussians, known for their military thinking, efficiency, bluntness, all these stereotypes. The difference between Prussian and German is like the differences between English and British / or Texan and American e.g.