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Feb 2018
I am entering my final year of high school and for my final history project, I have the whole next year to do it, I need to write an essay on an investigation which i do. It can be quite literally on anything from history. It can be a figure, a war, a theme, a time period, a day or pretty much anything. It needs to be able to incorporate historiography so be around an area of debate. The only limitation is that has to have happened before 2018.

Do you guys have any interesting topics?

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Mar 2017
Here's a suggestion.

Pick an event in history that multiple historians have written about. Just one thing. Maybe it happened one day, maybe it happened over a year. Compare their narratives.

This probably won't work well with modern history books. You have to look at authors writing as close to the event as you can make it ... the older the better.

How about a battle? If you read about D-Day, all the narratives will be the same. If you go back to WW I, you'll find some differences. The further back you go, the more the details will differ ... giving you more to write about. Custer's Last Stand has multiple versions: you can draw on inflated newspaper accounts, making a comment about media. Be careful not to write about some one else's opinion or interpretation of the narratives: YOU quote the narratives & figure out which one(s) seem(s) likely. Alexander the Great at Gaugamela has different versions. Antony & Augustus have different versions at Acteum (not VERY different, though). I don't know about the Spartans Thermopylae very well, but I'll bet there are multiple versions ... a Persian historian would be nice.

I'm a 1st century BCE guy. There are multiple historians and poets that wrote about events ... all of them just a little bit different. Cleopatra's death has four different versions in the first 200 yrs ... and even more as you get further from the date. The description of Caesar's will has three different versions (at least). I've gotten to the point where I can say C-plagiarized-A, D-plagiarized-B, E-plagiarized-A&B. .... I'm guessing that kind of thing only works in ancient texts (they're pretty brash about copying each other's words).

Ancient texts are fun. You can find English translations on the web, but you can also visit the Vatican (& other) digital libraries to get a screenshot of a document 1000 yrs old, in Greek or Latin, with the exact passage you're quoting (in translation). Makes a pretty image in your paper (crumbling, faded, illuminated velum).

Don't worry about foreign texts. Google translate works really well on anything but Latin.

Cleopatra's signature on lower right (in this case, ~2050 yrs old).
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Jan 2017
the first world war , there is PLENTY of good stuff on You tube ,and the internet even not bad video games , Verdun , Battlefield 1
That was when history continuum went to warp speed


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Feb 2010
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It is important to know:

-What are you interested the most

-Where are you from (relevancy of the subject, availability of sources)

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Aug 2015
I agree that you should write about something you like. It is also helpful to write about something there is a lot of resource for.

Personally I would keep the subject as narrow as possible, otherwise you could get easily lost; ie write about the Ardennes offensive rather than WW2.

If it was me I would write a 'whodunnit' about the murderers of the Princes in the Tower; here you can do a literal investigation, listing the main suspects and citing contemporary sources as well as referencing more modern updates including the recent excavation of Richard III's body. But of course if this doesn't interest you, I wouldn't recommend writing about it.


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Apr 2017
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It would help if we knew where you're from. I'm guessing 'syd' means Sydney, NSW, Australia. If so the Rum Rebellion of 1808 might be good one. If it's Sydney, Nova Scotia or somewhere else, it's still a good topic.:lol:

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