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Feb 2018
For my assignment, I need to write a 2000 word essay on The Punic Wars. We are not given a question and need to make it up. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions?


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May 2013
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The site policy is that members should provide no more than limited guidance to students on their school assignments. Once the student has demonstrated a good faith and reasonable effort, members can answer questions or offer criticisms on specific problem areas.

An assignment of 2K words on the Punic Wars with no given topic should present few, if any problems. There are numerous books and Internet resources easily available. We would also suggest that you seek out and use translations of the relevant primary sources, if your Latin is thin.

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Jan 2017
the Punic wars apex was the battle of Cannae , even today it is talked about with awe

you can make the first part as leading to it , and the second as the difference in style between Carthage and Rome governance