Historical figure that you like or admire but that did things you do not agree with.


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Jun 2014
Historical figure that you like or admire but that did things you do not agree with.
One Of those figures for me its Garibaldi , but I strongly disagree with him beeing manipulated by the english and cavour piedmont to conquer the southern kingdom of naples , he should have also never have ceased that to the piedmont kingdom that just pillaged the south Italy , treated it like a colony , stole all the treasury , massacrated several populations treating Italians as second class citizens creating the exodus if many south Italians toward Usa.


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Queen Mary of England. She was known for burning Protestants, but her life and the many tragedies she suffered really makes me have a soft spot for her. I appreciate her uncompromising devotion to her beliefs, the fact that she would stand up to her brother the King. Her devotion to her Mother Catherine of Aragon was also very touching. I think too as a woman she is quite tragic, she tried so hard to have a baby...and by all accounts adored little children.

I think as a Human being I admire her for what she went through personally, but I definitely cannot stand behind her violent persecutions of those who did not believe the same as she. But, then, in some ways reading about her is like reading about her grandmother Isabella.


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Andrew Jackson. If ever a real man walked this earth, it was Old Hickory. But he walked it at the expense of a lot of people, especially his Indian neighbors.
May 2012
FDR--greatest U.S. president of the 20th century, yet the internment of Japanese-Americans was clearly wrong. Also, under him the U.S. sent back the St. Louis, a ship filled with Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Many of the passengers were killed by the Nazis during WWII.

LBJ--my personal favorite U.S. president, but the Vietnam War was not only unnecessary for the U.S. but very costly in lives (particularly Vietnamese lives) and destruction of property and resources (not to mention the damage to the environment in Southeast Asia).

Henry II of England--great king overall, but invaded Ireland, beginning more than 800 years of conflict.
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Alexander of Macedon - such ambition, endless supply of energy, brilliant military talent, courage and valor worthy of Achilles himself.

Also a selfish drunkard, and a mass murderer. :notrust:
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Dec 2012
Richard Nixon-saw the creation of the EPA, OSHA, signed into law the Clean Air Act and National Environmental Policy Act, signed into law Title IX, supported the Philadelphia Plan, opened relations with China which led to SALT I and ABM treaties with the Soviet Union.

Downside-His paranoia and thirst for power brought us Watergate which many credit as single-handedly destroying trust in the Presidency, sabotaged peace talks with the North Vietnamese in 1968 which prolonged the war and cost lives, was racist despite his official record of helping minorities and women.

One the whole I find myself admiring his accomplishments while at the same time am appalled at how he achieved them. Complex man to say the least.


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Rudolf Maister Vojanov, what a lad!
Great work done after ww1, decisive actions, perfect timing. He only should have set up more guards and allinall prepare himself better for the visit of the allied mission. Could prevent the shooting/bloody sunday ...


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Julius Caesar - on one hand, he was a genocidal warlord who replaced a republic (however unhealthy) with a thinly-disguised monarchy. On the other hand, he is literally one of the very most likable and colorful individuals in human history, and, when fighting against fellow Romans, there were times that he showed admirable mercy and restraint.

Theodore Roosevelt - much like Andrew Jackson, he was the ideal of an American he-man, but he was also a white supremacist with a disturbing lust for military combat. He was a very active president, and one of the first since Grant to show any concern about the minority populations of the country. He was an intellectual and he loved children and the natural world, all traits I admire, especially in someone who was so outwardly ferocious.

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