Historical figures that got blamed for something they didn't do.

Nov 2015
Stepan Bandera, who in Poland and Russia is accused of direct involvement in the bloody inter-ethnic conflict in Volyn in 1943. However, he was arrested by the German authorities in the fall of 1941 and in 1942-1944 was imprisoned in the prison of the German concentration camp Sachsenhausen.
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I suppose, the scale to which Stalin's repressions were exaggerated in the West and still are by some to this day is ridiculous and so i think fits the question in some way. I mean, I've heard quite a few time people claim that Stalin killed 100 million, 50 million or the most common one - he killed more people than Hitler. Wow, so Stalin killed around 35 million people or more ( close to 40 probably). Since, such people forget that not only Jews suffered because of Nazis. USSR alone lost 25 million people or more. There is not enough or vey little representation of all atrocities that Nazis committed in Soviet Union and how they systematically exterminated Slavic population and enslaved it, with more than 13 million civilians dead. However, you will always hear about mass rapes in Berlin on the other hand and Hollywood is filled with movies about Holocaust, but not any about what Slavic population suffered on occupied territory. ( if there are, all of them were made in Soviet Union )
It is right that we should be reasonably accurate. The older estimates of deaths that were Stalin's responsibility, typically of around 20 million, were produced before the Soviet Union's archives were opened in the 1990s. Studies of those archives indicate that Stalin was responsible for about 6 million deaths directly and 3 million deaths indirectly.


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On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
George Washington and the cherry tree. A moral tale for the young dreamed up Parson Weems.
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Conspiracy theorists want us to believe that vapour trails from aircraft are deliberate spraying out toxic chemicals (not just the engine exhaust fumes) , that a group of elites control the govermnents of the world, name Barak Obama as the Anti-Christ, that the Bush family and Margaret Thatcher were shape-shifting alien reptiles and that the 2012 Sandy Hook school mass-shooting (20 young children killed) was staged by Zionists, or by liberals who wanted to convince legislators to restrict guns.


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Well, a medieval Serbian lord Vuk Branković got accused of betraying Prince Lazar at the battle of Kosovo thus making the Ottoman victory possible, however we have no sources to back that claim up. In fact, it seems that Vuk Branković actually continued to pursue anti-Ottoman policies after Kosovo.


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I agree. Means, opportunity and motive. But why he was never officially accused, we will never know.
Why would he be officially accused? He wouldn't be accused when he was king, and he died in battle, so couldn't be tried for anything.

If the princes were still alive, Henry VII could have had them killed and blamed Richard III.
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