Historical Military Treatises/Tactical manuals?

Jan 2016
Victoria, Canada
Byzantine generals, including multiple emperors (and a few armchair historians from the civil service), churned out dozens of the things in the 10th and 11th centuries. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good summary of the most important ones, but there at least as many additional untranslated and even unpublished examples of a more generic character (with some underrated exceptions). The manuals cover everything from general military practice to siege warfare, drilling soldiers, organizing formations, campaigning in the Balkans, conducting Guerrilla wars in the Anatolian borderlands, commanding a fleet, undertaking expeditions into Syria, and organizing imperial campaigns. As @Yuyue said, McGeer's "Sowing the Dragon's Teeth: Byzantine Warfare in the 10th Century" includes translations of two of the more important Byzantine military manuals -- Emperor Nikephoros Phokas's Praecepta Militaria in its entirety, including a very in-depth breakdown of Byzantine cataphracts and their tactics, and equivalent portions of the later Strategikon of Nikephoros Ouranos -- in addition to an in-depth analysis of the texts and overview of the evolution of Byzantine warfare in the 10th century, although McGeer does make the annoying choice of translating "Roman" in the original Greek as "Byzantine". Translations are also available of Emperor Leo VI's Taktika (highly recommended), Nikephoros Phokas's On Skirmishing (in "Three Byzantine Military Manuals"), and Hero of Byzantium's Parangelmata Poliorcetica (on siege warfare). A portion of Kekaumenos's 11th century military manual (and general book of advice) can also be found online.
Oct 2015
Parallel to Sun Tzu, there is a book in India named 'Artha-shastra' (Treatise on Wealth) which covers all aspects of governing a kingdom including war. It has severals chapters on 'Spying, propaganda, and information' as well as on 'War & Peace'. Chanakya is the author and dated to c. 300 BCE.

There are some striking similarities between Chanakya's Arthashastra and Sun Tzu's Art of War. However, Chankaya covers a wider range of subjects.

Can download English translation online.
Dec 2016
Thank you very much for your replies and information. Maybe my question could have been better if I asked for Military Theorists as well. In the book "The Military Experience in the Age of Reason" some military theorists are mentioned: Santa Cruz, Maurice de Saxe, Scharnhorst, Berenhorst. About de Saxe I found a book "Reveries on the Art of War". Because I am interested and intrigued about Maurice Nassau, I will read the links provided as well as other links provided about other topics.

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