Historical territorial changes maps for various countries


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May 2014
Let me start:

For Germany:

For Poland:

For Greece:

For the United States of America:

For Iran:

For Austria and Hungary:

For the Ottoman Empire/Turkey:

For Bolivia:

Jul 2014
Crna Gora
Serbia and Crna Gora (Montenegro) before Balkan War:

Serbia and Crna Gora (Montenegro) after Balkan War

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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Also Italy in its brief history [from the declaration of the Kingdom in 1861] has seen several visible territorial change.

In the moment of the proclamation of the kingdom all North East was still under Austrian domain and Rome wasn't in Italy [!], it was still in the State of the Church [surviving with a certain French diplomatic support].

From that moment on, until 1919 Italy has seen its territory enlarging and expanding, up to the maximum when also Istria and a part of Dalmatia was in Italy. Take a look at this wikipage: Evoluzione territoriale dell'Italia - Wikipedia it's in Italian, but there are the maps.
Jul 2014
Crna Gora
Map of Serbia under Stefan Nemanja (first from Nemanjic dynasty)

Map of Serbia under Stefan Uros IV Dusan Nemanjic:
Mar 2015
at the gates of Monemvasia
For Germany:
The maximum eastward territorial extent of Prussia was in 1795 - 1807, though:

Russian expansion in area of modern Ukraine from 1500 to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: