Historical territorial changes maps for various countries


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Let me start:

For Germany:

For Poland:

For Greece:

For the United States of America:

For Iran:

For Austria and Hungary:

For the Ottoman Empire/Turkey:

For Bolivia:

Jul 2014
Crna Gora
Serbia and Crna Gora (Montenegro) before Balkan War:

Serbia and Crna Gora (Montenegro) after Balkan War

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Ad Honoris
Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Also Italy in its brief history [from the declaration of the Kingdom in 1861] has seen several visible territorial change.

In the moment of the proclamation of the kingdom all North East was still under Austrian domain and Rome wasn't in Italy [!], it was still in the State of the Church [surviving with a certain French diplomatic support].

From that moment on, until 1919 Italy has seen its territory enlarging and expanding, up to the maximum when also Istria and a part of Dalmatia was in Italy. Take a look at this wikipage: Evoluzione territoriale dell'Italia - Wikipedia it's in Italian, but there are the maps.

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