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Feb 2011
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This thread is really for me to gloat about the fact that I've just purchased a B-Uhr replica from some trustworthy bloke with a cockney accent and wearing a shiny polyester suit on the telly.

I already have this one:

And I've just purchased this one for about $30.

For those of you who're unaware, the B-Uhr was the standard wristwatch for Luftwaffe pilots in WW2, after reading Blonde Knight of Germany and realising that the Luftwaffe had the best pilots I figured having a fighter pilot's wristwatch would be a quirky and rather cool thing to have.

The watches have a large face and are deliberately oversized to make them easier to read whilst flying. The real B-Uhrs go for a few hundred and have two dots either side of the white arrow at the top.

Unfortunately the bloke on the telly was slightly off with the accuracy of his sale and said that the watch was 'worn by RAF hurricane pilots', which is absolutely absurd, and as a result my new watch with the black face has 'Hurricane' written on it, which is a pity. It's akin to selling black goose-stepping boots and claiming they're replica 101st airborne jump boots. :zany:

I also have a penchant for wearing US Army WW2 5 button jerseys, so far only one person has picked up on what it was and only one person has spotted my watch for being a WW2 replica, he was a re-enactor. :cool:

Does anyone else collect quirky history stuff for use in their daily life? I want to get a WW1 pocket watch but fear I may be overstepping the boundary from slightly odd to full flown eccentric. My sister's boyfriend already thinks I'm weird and a girl I went on a date with the other day thought I was a loser for wearing a handkerchief in my pocket 'like Winston Churchill'.

Yours from the moral mind maze.

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Aug 2012
Horology is one of my obsessions. Don't get me started.

I would love to know where you got the Steinhart Flieger for $30. Send me the link!
Feb 2011
Perambulating in St James' Park
Sorry mixed up the pictures, it wasn't a Steinhart, it was a cheap replica of the B-Uhr style, so not bad if you're likely to break it like me.

This is it:

I'd like to get a Steinhart but would be worried about wearing it, this watch isn't quite as nice in the design.

This one isn't quite so bad a rip off:


I suppose as a collector these cheap imitations must make you feel a bit sick ;) I can't afford the real clobber yet though so they'll do for now.
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Oct 2011
I've bought a couple of watches from cheap online dealers. A couple of them turned out to be real when I brought them into the jeweller... though apparently the serial numbers make them a bit "grey market." Must have fallen off the back of the truck...
Earl of Rochester: I do like the vintage Deutscher Flieger look but the replicas are rather bulky and like the real deal were designed to be worn outside, over the sleeve of your flight overalls or jacket a la 1930's unpressurized cabins. I wind up bumping my watch on objects unless I'm very careful and this could be too much. I sport a Wenger Military Aviator Chronograph similar to the picture below. It's a little more compact. I would like the link for the Steinhart Flieger if available. You are not weird. You just have a distinctive taste in timepieces. Now, if you start wearing a Kapok life preserver as everyday wear, that would be a bit weird.

Edit P.S.: OMG! I just looked at the link you posted. It is almost pornographic if you like a nice timepiece. Thanks Earl of Rochester!
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Feb 2011
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Pauke! Pauke!; said:
Edit P.S.: OMG! I just looked at the link you posted. It is almost pornographic if you like a nice timepiece. Thanks Earl of Rochester!

No probs, as aforesaid in my last post, it wasn't a Steinhart thingy and it's too late to edit my OP now, I purchased a rather naff copy of the B-Uhr.

This link in my last post, which I think is the one you're referring to, has some slightly better copies of flying watches. I won't post it again though as it'll probably go against the advertising rules and I'm simply showing it here as a reference to discuss historical watches.
Aug 2012
Sorry mixed up the pictures, it wasn't a Steinhart
No worries. I had to ask though. If you had found one at that price, I wanted to know where :zany: Thanks for the link. I'll check them out and am curious to see what brand movement they use for the autos.

Most of my wristwatches are newer but I do wear a couple of pieces from the 1950s and 60s. I also have a few old pocket watches including one that dates back to the 1880s. Great conversation starters.

As for the Flieger, Seiko makes some models that, while not true replicas, are respectable homages in the $100 USD price range. The SNZG15 has a 42mm case but not the sword style hands. The SNK809 (about $60 USD) looks the part but has a smaller diameter. Either way, they are still a great value and Seiko makes a fairly dependable automatic watch.

Jim Casy

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Mar 2013
My daily is a 1939 Girard Perregaux. Historical only in the fact that I believe they were deliberately built oversize for display. That does mean however, that it fits right in to the modern day, being about the same size as a modern dress watch.

Luckily, GP didn't skimp on the movements in their display watches, so it currently only gains around a minute a day. More than good enough for daily life, so it's only had one visit to the watchmakers - when I first sourced it from Argentina and had it checked over and set. It's ticked along nicely for seven years now. It has a beautifully restrained bronze and silver (coloured!), twin dialled deco face that I never get tired of looking at. I have others, but not what you'd call historical. I'm not actually sure if you could call this one historical.

Good luck with the package, E of R.
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Feb 2011
Perambulating in St James' Park
Well my fancy flying watch never really took off as the battery didn't work, even after replacement the hand didn't go around.

Now I'm in the market for a new watch, preferably something historical again. I quite like the idea of WW1 trench watches but the originals are painted with radium on the dails and are radioactive. You imagine there'd be more of a market but I can't seem to find any reproduction ones around.

The only one I've managed to find is from the Eaglemoss range of replica military watches, these may be of great interest:


I rather like the WW1 Brit soldier's watch:

Unfortunately the series seems to be finished and I can't find any for sale!

They've got a Gallipoli version too:


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