Historum Book Discussion - Reading suggestions!


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May 2008
Uncle Tom's Cabin would be a good read as well, but might take longer than 4 weeks. Each chapter is about 4000 words (on average), and there are 45 chapters. It's certainly a good choice though.


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Feb 2009
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I suspect the book suggestion list will soon get overwhelming and future selection will become problematic.

The criteria for a book suggestion is established and appears satisfactory. I've got a suggestion for subsequent book selections:

A week or three prior to starting a new book a poll allowing multi-voting is posted with all suggestions.

All books receiving 50% or more votes becomes a candidate, gets thrown into a hat and the next book is selected randomly from the names in the hat.

The next book poll will contain all books that passed the 50% vote rule and all new suggestions. New suggestions can be books that did not pass previous polls. Banned for life is not appealing to me.

As they say on shampoo bottles, "Rinse and repeat".


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May 2008
Excellent, a complex voting system! If we consult SCOTUS, the right-wing books will win.

I was thinking that some form of vote would be the best way to select books. My plan was simpler in that we would just compile a list of all suggestions and then read the one that gets the most votes. Of course, your 50% rule would be invaluable if we were to get a LOT of suggestions!


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May 2008
Would The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be too heavy? Perhaps alternating between works from the old world and the new is a good idea.

Uncle Tom's Cabin is another thought. It is historically important to our Civil War. I started reading it once and stopped when his dog got drowned.


Pedro and me will use the OP of this thread to keep a visual list. Each suggestion will be added to that post.


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Dec 2009
We need to decide as well the shape of the table around which the voting will be done..... sorry.

I am looking forward to the book readings. I always wanted to join a book club and couldn't find the time. This is the perfect solution for me.


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May 2008
Any more suggestions? Guys?

Ideally, we are looking for books that are short(ish), not too heavy or using convoluted language. We have to remember that not everyone has English as a first language.

Once we have enough, we'll set up a quick poll to decide.


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May 2009
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Here are a couple of thoughts....

Animal Farm-George Orwell
The Rivals-Richard Brinsley Sheriden-Not sure if plays count
The Sound and the Fury-William Faulkner
Catch-22-Joseph Heller
Heart of Darkness(to heavy?)Joseph Conrad
Something Wicked This Way Comes-Ray Bradbury
Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov
A Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess
Love in the Time of Cholera-Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I, Claudius-Robert Graves
The Jungle-Upton Sinclair
All the President's Men-Robert Penn Warren
The Bridge of San Luis Rey-Thornton Wilder

....Ok....More than a couple.


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May 2008
Diddy, that's a nice list. BUT, as far as I'm aware, only three are available in the public domain as free downloads. Shame really.

From that list I've taken Animal Farm, Faust, and Heart of Darkness. If you can find any of the others as 'free download' or 'read online', I would be very happy (there are a few I fancy reading!).