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Nov 2019
Hello everyone,

My name is Álvaro, and I need help starting a History (youtube?) channel. My idea for the format would be 50% vlog, 50% edition, and the content would be based on European History, with a special focus on not-so-known nations, events and individuals, as well as European social History.

I would specially need a person with editing skills, Audiovisual Communication degree, or similar. A History student/graduate would be really cool too. This is a SERIOUS PROJECT, so please answer accordingly to what you can contribute to the project. Right now I live in Grenoble, France, but I dont think geographical boundaries will be a problem for this, so feel free to answer even if you are thousands of km away.

All help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Jul 2019
New Jersey
I think you'd be best off learning how to use Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro on your own. That way, you can craft your narrative in a way that best meshes with your conception of history, and not be tied down to somebody else's ideas. Also, I imagine YouTube would hardly generate enough revenue to hire a video producer and still turn a profit. That's just my bit of advice.

Best of luck!

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