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Feb 2013
portland maine
In my early lessons in American history usually begins with the "age of Age of exploration." indigenous people were rarely mentioned at all. (At least until the settling of the colonies in Massachusetts, or Virginia. Where does history taught in elementary schools in Africa tend to focus as its beginning?
Nov 2010
History in school depends very much on policy and syllabus wherever you are in the world. There are countries that use it as a political tool to rewrite history as well (no names!). Sadly it's hardly taught at all these days in many places and when they do they just scratch the surface.

In Britain they seem obsessed today with the first and second worlds wars and the 20th century in general. Which is barely even history!
Feb 2016
Atlantic Ocean
"first and second worlds wars and the 20th century in general"

It was the two largest wars in history that set the world on the path it is on today, it also saw the decline of many empires and the birth and death of two ideologies

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