History of contraception


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Apr 2017
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Contraception: past, present and future factsheet

This link gives an easy to read list of historical application of methods thought to prevent pregnancy or avoid sexually transmitted disease (STD). It gives an 18th century date for male barriers but I've read that England's Charles II, a notorious womanizer, used condoms made from animal intestines. Surely these were available by the 19th century to a broader population. I believe the Anglican Church did not approve of these and only allowed "rhythm" ie abstaining from sex in the mid menstrual cycle. This is still the Roman Catholic Church's position today. I'm wondering if the UK's Queen Victoria and Prince Albert did not use condoms for religious reasons. I'm also not sure of their legality but they certainly were available. The Queen's diaries are full of complaints about her numerous pregnancies (9) and postpartum depression. Was it morality, ignorance or something else?
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