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Al-beruni was in somewhere in Sindh (Pakistan) when writing the tradition that Guptas were '"wicked and powerful". This was the area occupied by many foreign tribes, which were forced to pay tribute by Samudragupta (c. 335/350 to c.375 CE ) and finally annihilated by Chandragupta-II (375-415 CE).

'Brihatkathamanjari' of Kshemendra say King Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II) had "unburdened the sacred earth of the Barbarians like the Sakas, Mlecchas, Kambojas, Yavanas, Tusharas, Parasikas, Hunas, and others, by annihilating these sinful Mlecchas completely".

After this time, we don't hear of these tribes in Indian history - except Kambhojas and Hunas. Hunas were pushed to Kashmir but after some time their kingship also ended.

So it is okay for people of Sindh to say that Guptas were wicked and powerful. Fahien has neither not named any king nor commented on them. He has described the country & people & their habits in Madhya-desha. The society was orderly & peaceful.
yeah it seems to make sense, reading on some gupta history else where, i came to know that they were known for making campaigns against tribalism in the north western regions of punjab and sindh.

even today sindh is practically ruled by baloch tribes who are originally not from sindh but ruling and living here for hundreds of years, balochs are also mentioned by name by varahamihira as foreigners/mlecchas. These tribes are of extreme feudal mentality and hinder development and rule lands like fiefdoms. i have also read about Paratarajas - Wikipedia ruling areas of sindh and balochistan who were iranic. Balochs must be their descendants.

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