History of Indian Obsession with Fair Skin


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Aug 2015
Ravi varma's paintings show more deep symbolisms.

Darker skin was associated with demons/ villains. Beauty was predominantly light skinned.

They remind me of Roman sculptures!
Ravi Varma, though he had an artistic aptitude, was never fully trained by the European painters who taught him. He probably never fully learned human anatomy, a requirement for fine artists. It shows in his depictions. For example, in the painting of the lady with the swan, see how long her legs are compared to her torso. Also he painted most Kerala Indian women as though they look Persian or too light skinned, but they are not. These two weaknesses show up in most of his paintings.
Nov 2014
Beauty is subjective though. To me those women aren't beautiful. They are short, chubby and odd looking. To me a south Indian like below is way more beautiful and has better features. A tall, well built, elegant South Indian woman to me will always be more attractive than its Northern counterpart. Their eyes are softer and their noses not as curved. They are two different races of people really.

For me, I prefer the ones from eastern UP, Bihar, Bengal and orissa.
Jun 2012
Skin complexion is only one aspect of beauty. Even if you're the type more naturally predisposed to lighter skin, you'd still be looking for the overall packaging, rather than just the colour of the wrapping.

Among us native indigenous Malayo-Indonesian people, we have both dark skinned & light skinned types, with outliers at either extreme. So, I wud say that in the main we're quite laid back about complexion.

We even have an old song named Hitam Manis, i. e. Sweet Dark/Black, praising the beauty of an attractive dark complexioned woman.

I cud be wrong, but I believe the West Asians are similarly laid back in this regard too. Among my top favourite Arabic songs is Ala Al Mani, i.e. The Tanned/Dark One, sung by Syrian songstress Rouwaida Attieh.
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Jun 2012
It cud be just me, but I hv kind of generally observed invasions & conquests in history tended to hv occurred mostly from the relative north on the relative south, so the invading people wud hv tended to be a shade or two lighter skinned. The exceptions hvg been Roman conquest of Gaul & Britain, and Chola conquest of Bengal.

So, this kind of thing cud also hv been a contributing factor.

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