History of Macedonia


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May 2008
Where have you been they past 15 or so years?
Well, I sure as hell did not associate with any low class people in the last 15 years or so.
If you meant it as a nigger, you better watch your mouth because if I open mine you won't know where to hide.
I'm not like sturm who stood by while you were cursing him for no reason at all, and his tone was very proper I may add.


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Jul 2009
Thank you Falcon.
If i was 14-15 years old like Julius i would have started cursing back at him, or i would have reported him to the admins, demanding him getting banned.
Yet i done nothing of the above, because trolls are people who dont have other job, then just saying "F you" and waiting to see what happen.
Unlike you Falcon, Julius Nepos doesnt have even the slightest knowage about History, he never discussed something in historical thread, he is just the piss off people.


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Jul 2009
Go a bit south east in Turkey and tell that to the kurds :)
What im saying is you gave us a nice speech about cultural rights, and the right to have own territory, to have own country, but you forgot about the kurds, and there rights to have land, or maybe your on another opinion there eh ;) ;)
Turkey acting in defense of "repressed" nations who want independence is like Cuba acting in defense of the "repressed" Chinese people :)
Turkey accept her faulth and try to come back her past mistake. It is accepted officially.

There are many step for recovery of the situation, Kurdish language institue in some reputable university

Kurdish TV and media, kurdish music..etc.

Result is decrease in terrorism, and increased peace.

Increase in welfare on southeast anatolia.

I don’t mean seperation Sturmright to have own territory,”
There are manything i would criticize about turkey's past. But i support It to be solved in democratic ways.
Do Fyrom demand land from Bulgaria and Greece?