History of Rors of Haryana

Jan 2019
Rorland Haryana
not only muslims but hindu also romanticize invading ''barbarians'' as indicated by above post, if some muslims claim heritage to turks and afghans, there is no lack of hindu communities esp from punjab and NW sub continent region claiming the same.

the muslim phenomenon is due to recent history, but hindu community fascination with such is colonial propaganda fed to the history books when colonists dug indian past and found barbarian invaders coming much before the turks/ muslims, linked them to the persians, and tried linking them to the communities in india.

rajputs also were once linked to the huns as well by the colonial BS until they realize they were using too much weed in their breakfast. rigvedic tribes have been linked to Punjabis etc, but without any recorded history to tell, everything will be nothing but just conjecture, i was laughing out loud when i read in wikipedia afghans have been interpreted to be ashvaka tribe from the rigvedas, these BS are nothing but pure conjecture that since afghans inhabit the same region as ashvakas supposed to be afghan word is derived from ashvakas.

Does it have any link with this topic ??
Aug 2019
Haryana, India
I am Ror and my village is jolly (karnal). I always heard a story of Raja Ror and his empire Badli. Where Rors were attacked and most of us were killed on Rakshabandhan day as on this day we used to worship our gods and our weapons and don’t kill anyone on that day but because the enemy knew that thing they attacked us on rakshabhandan day and after that we had to run and leave badli and after that day our ancestors stopped celebrating rakshabandhan which is even some families know. We are Kshatriyas and we are the people from dadror bhainsror community from 1207. And then we adjusted in the villages near to karnal, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Panipat, jind and some villages in Uttar Pradesh and lived our lives by having our own lands in these parts.
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