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Mar 2011
That is extremely high and concerning for a country like the USA.
Your are correct, my error, according to Breitbart, if you can trust such as source, and the president does:
According to data published on May 7 by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), in 2003 1,096,000 school-aged children were homeschooled in the U.S., representing 2.2 percent of the total number of students in that age range that year. In 2012, the number homeschooled was 1,773,000, or 3.4 percent of elementary and secondary school-aged children that year.
However, that number only includes those involved in an individual learning pedagogy involving children and likely does not include an adult self-learning andragogy. The 15% I used represents the area where homeschooling is likely applied .
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My 7 year old son loves The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. You can get the text book, audio book, test book and activity books fairly affirdably on Amazon. We listen to the story and then do hands on activities to supplement (such as cave painting). He really enjoys it and the stories stick with him.
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