Sep 2014
The fact that Greek gods took on male lovers seems to me as if they didn't consider homosexuality to be evil. But I may be wrong.
Late to the discussion. I can not think of one Greek myth that started out gay. Hykinthos, the hero of Amyclae whose daughters were murdered by the Athenians became gay after Sparta fell. Ganymedes whose name is found in a sea god of Phyrgia and Lydia O'getes is one version was the lover of the moon goddess. Zeus abducted and raped him. Laius, the founder of Thebes abducted and raped Chrysippus son of Pelops. In one version the boy committed suicide in shame, and in Euripides lost play which has Pelops getting his son back and his wife killing the boy. Euripides for a guy who liked to sleep with women really hated them in his plays.

I have asked this repeatedly and have gotten no answer...why did the Athenians turn against their women? (Oh and one of the founders of the Lover's Brigade was married and had several children by his wife.....gay conversion therapy?)

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