Hong Kong protests thread

Nov 2014
Thousands back on Hong Kong streets to keep up pressure

So basically what will these protests lead to, is there a prospect of things calming down, or will this basically end in martial law and PLA tanks on the streets of HK? How are these protests different from the recent protests in France, which have seen the government call in the army,,with the veiled threat of using live autocannon ammunition against civilians, which Beijing has not resorted to so far.


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Jul 2015
I hope something good will come of this, but since the Chinese gov isn't the most flexible I doubt it.
Sep 2012
I remember when it began in 2014, watching the livestreams and wishing I was there; it really was one of the great historical moments of our time. Sadly I simply haven't had the time to follow it to the same degree recently, although my heart is with them. As for how it ends, it never looks good for Hong Kong. Although the international community seems to be stepping up to China somewhat as of late, which thankfully - one would hope - lessens the chance of blood on the streets. We do edge ever closer to 2047 however.


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Sep 2011
However it ends, it is likely to clarify the lines of conflict between democracy and whatever it is the Chinese government thinks there should be instead.

The Hongkongers are clearly taking to the streets out of frustration at having no real influence where they and their enclave is headed. If nothing else it is a challenge to the societal formula the Chinese political leadership had invested it. The situation shows up its limitations. And what an effective Chinese government response cold even be, that is not just crack-down and repression, is unclear.