Honoring CSA Soliders

Should Confederate Soliders Be Honored?

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Jan 2018
They were loyal to their states. Robert E. Lee didn't see himself as a Unionist or a Confederate, but rather as a Virginian. This is typical for the era. I luv the USA, but if the Northern States were to invade NC today, my loyalty would be to NC.
When American soldiers suppress rebellion in the United States they’re not invaders. And there would’ve been no need for American soldiers to go to North Carolina had it not rebelled.
Jun 2013
The rebels were enemies. What other enemies does America honor today? Do we honor rebels because they spoke English?
Why does this topic of "honoring rebels" keep popping up ad nauseum? Because the ancestors still exist and today's ancestors grew out of previous generations that were imbued with the lost cause concept. You brainwash someone for over one hundred years and most definitely they're going to honor something evil.
In the end the decendants are perpetually trying to justify their ancestors actions and beliefs.

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
I said yes. Though obviously they would needed to be honoured in a sensitive way so not as to appear to condone their cause which was the break up of the USA in order to maintain slavery. So honour the soldiery but not the generals, statesmen or cause.

It’s the same as how we can honour dead Germans but but still pour scorn on the cause and idiots that they fought for.
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Jun 2013
Out of interest are there any monuments to British soldiers from 1812-14 or 79-86? Or anything for Mexicans in Texas?
I think the closest to that are monuments or whatever that honor "Indians". We do have a lot or streets, streams and rivers, counties and states named after them but I don't think that's honoring them.
Jun 2014
Republic of Ireland
Of course those soldiers should be honored. They may have fought for a "bad" cause, but like anyone who puts his life on the line in defense of his people and way of life, surely he is worthy of respect.

( Then out spake brave Horatius; The captain of the gate "To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late, And how can man die better, Than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his gods." )
Feb 2011
Quotes from the memoirs of US Grant-

1. For the present, and so long as there are living witnesses of the great war of sections, there will be people who will not be consoled for the loss of a cause which they believed to be holy. As time passes, people, even of the South, will begin to wonder how it was possible that their ancestors ever fought for or justified institutions which acknowledged the right of property in man.

2, I felt like anything rather than rejoicing at the downfall of a foe who had fought so long and valiantly, and had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought, and one for which there was the least excuse. I do not question, however, the sincerity of the great mass of those who were opposed to us.

The Southern cause was vile; yet possibly only the educated and wealthy were aware of the true causes, as specified in the statements upon secession. Many men appear to have fought - bravely- simply to defend what they saw as their hearths and homes.

I am not American, so please forgive me for sticking my nose in here.
I would not be inclined to commemorate the leaders of the rebellion, who must have been aware for what cause they fought.
But it is surely possible to acknowledge the bravery of the troops, who may frequently not have been so aware, without this being construed as support for their cause.


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
When my father who is now deceased was a boy, he told me about an uncle of his who fought for the South as a 14 year old boy. My family was dirt poor and only one of my ancestors was a slave owner, and he is held in contempt, but that boy was not one. He fought because the Yankees were in Mississippi stealing things from poor people. (not everyone lived in big plantations)

My mother told us that she had a grandmother who told them about how they had to hide the cow to keep the Yankees from stealing her.

I honestly don't care what you do with the Confederate statues. The one in Dallas by the famous equestran artist is considered one of the finest bronzes in America, but it's currently in a shed.View attachment 19112

I think it would be a shame to see it melted down but expect that will be its future. The Democrats put the statues up and now want to melt them down. It seems like every generation they do something to hurt someone.
Put them in a private museum. I don’t believe they need to be melted down, but it is disgraceful in the extreme to place statues of traitors in public parks. The one in downtown San Antonio is mercifully gone.


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
^^ More absurdity, and more destruction of whatever historical memory remains. The PC universe is expanding as much as the physical one. Tragically, almost no one really gives a damn about history.

There are undoubtedly more Italian Americans than Native Americans, but the current rage has been to "re-brand" Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples Day." WTF is that about except political pablum for the political needs du jour?
Christopher olumbus never set so much as a toe or a foot in North America. Give it a rest.