Honoring CSA Soliders

Should Confederate Soliders Be Honored?

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    Votes: 52 59.1%
  • No

    Votes: 27 30.7%
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Feb 2015
That's just your opinion right now. .
No. It would be a fact, that post 260 cites no authority.

Has it occurred to you that the author of the post 260 has not objected to the observation that he is merely opining not citing?

If you think that claim derived from an authority, then perhpas you should name the source.
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Feb 2015
Was it really? By 1861, most of Europe and several South American countries abolished slavery.
Maki, you changed the date in my post. The point, as stated, is accurate. And you are just trying to snipe in furtherance of your bias.

I remember having these SAME discussion before 1984, when slavery was still legal in Mauritania.

And all of those countries you mention, did not slavery end in a lawful orderly process, with compensation? So, why is it the abolition movement in the US could only express itself via sanguinary and lawless motive?
Jan 2017
Republika Srpska
  • Maki


I misread your post. When you wrote 1800s I thought you were talking about the entire 19th century, but I now see you were talking about 1800-1809. My apologies. However, regarding compensation, don't forget that Lincoln compensated DC slaveholders when he abolished slavery there.

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