Hou Dejian's claims about Tiananmen


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Jan 2017
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In this video, Hou Dejian, one of the protesters at Tiananmen, claims that he did not see PLA tanks rolling over protesters. Now, apparently there is a video in which Liu Xiaobo, another prominent protester, supports Hou Dejian's claims. Other protesters, like Chai Ling (which can be seen in the video above) and Wu'erkaixi claim that the army did kill students in the Square. I have also read that the massacre happened, just not at Tiananmen itself. On one hand, it seems likely that the CCP would try to minimize the events there and thus spread propaganda, but it is also likely that the opponents of the regime would try to exaggerate the atrocities

Who is to be believed?


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Apr 2013
it is good to ask questions.

Hou Dejian is currently a citizen of New Zealand.
he is not born in mainland, but in taiwan island.

for decades he has not been on the land of mainland, and he does not have any profit in mainland.

you tell me what is the propaganda of CCP would spread from this Hou Dejian?

asking questions is good. but before asking others, it is even better you ask yourself some questions.


general comment, lack of replies of the thread shows that the western sphere is generally knowledgeless on tiananmen events, despite it is usually a hot topic.
it is even true in a forum named "historum" (which is a nice forum on history)
frankly, i don't know what the west actually debates.
Apr 2013
How on Earth do you know these facts about Dejian? I suspect I know!
he had attended an interview.
those who actually care about tiananmen event would know about it.

either way, if one is not satisfied, one could throw out fact proofs how HDJ's situation is different from what i say.
calling on "why should i believe what you said" is not constructive and meaningless. never forget, the west does not speak chinese.