How big exactly was the Bornu Empire?

Aug 2018
There are only two maps of the Kanem empire showing the largest extent of it's control. One from Wikipedia, and one from a website called afrolegends. Wikipedia and a few other books claim that the subsequent Bornu Empire exceeded the size of the Kanem empire, but for a force so large, there sure are scant few depictions of it's true extent, if any at all.
Feb 2018
Bornu had been a magnet for travelers, scholars, and merchants for many centuries. Barth was shown documents about its history dating to the first half of the sixteenth century. Using various histories and accounts, including oral ones, he traced the origins of Bornu's Saifawa dynasty to "a little before the year 900." The historical record became more clear from the twelfth century onward. (Barth saw an extract of a long written history of Bornu, but the main volumes were kept hidden because some members of the current regime were intent on destroying documents from the previous dynasty. The vizier showed Barth the extract but wouldn't let him touch it, and required him to read it from over his shoulder. Entitled The Kanem Wars of Idris Alooma, the chronicle dated to the late 1500s. Barth made a copy and sent it to Europe.) By the sixteenth century Bornu's immense territory encompassed Tibesti and Bilma to the north, Kanemi and Baguirmi to the east, and most of Air and Hausaland to the west. Its kings made the haj to Mecca. In the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Bornu became a center of Islamic learning, attracting scholars from throughout North Africa and even the Middle East. Educated men and their families established "mallam villages" where they farmed and studied together, exempt from taxes because of their religious scholarship." - Steve Kempner, A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles through Islamic Africa, p.141
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