How can you "Arrest" the leader of Interpol?

Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
Meng hongwei was the boss of Interpol, until he was arrested, in China, for alleged fraud. Not been seen since. Now the Russians have put forward a candidate, Alexander Propopechuk, to be head of this organisation, albeit he is ex KGB (KSB). My question is, How much power has Interpol? Fortunately Kim Jong Has now been declared boss. He is South Korean.
Aug 2009
If Saudi Arabia can led the UN Human Rights Commission, the CCP arresting the head of interpol and a former KGB officer running for interpol sounds like business as usual.

Internal organisations are becoming more and more of a joke, thankfully interpol has braced this by opting for the South Korean candidate (still, only just).
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Ad Honorem
Feb 2014
Colonia Valensiana
When Interpol is being used for political machinations it does not bode well for international security. The U.S. and other Western powers have been pressuring and lobbying to prevent the election of Propopechuk due to their almost pathological anti-Russian hysteria.

By the way, Kosovo's entrance to Interpol has been rejected, despite heavy pressures and breach of voting procedure.
Mar 2014
If Propopechuk would have been elected as head of Interpol Lithuania would have left organization. I think more countries would have left as well. Parliament was ready to act on news who is elected immediately.
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
I foolishly thought Interpol was a conservative device , whereby the combinations of various police organisations ,aided each other in the apprehension of criminals. It seems it has all become political now.

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