How decisive was the Battle of Clontarf (1014)

May 2017
Tradition has it that the Norse Kingdom of Dublin never regained their former status, but as no native Gaelic leader could hold on to Brian Boru's level of power (there was no High King until the 12th C.) and the Norse-Irish king Sigtrygg Silkbeard seems to regained his fortunes eventually. So is this decisive battle just nationalistic nonsense? How important were the Norse in Ireland from then on?
Nov 2015
It seems the romanticism has trumped the history as never before.

R. E. Howard's "The Grey god passes", is nice fictional account. First published more than generation after the authors death. Which is weird because it was one of his best efforts.

Chris de Burgh then romanticizes the Howard version. In his portrait of the doomed tragic Brodir. Romanticism has gone nuclear here! Will the real history please stand up!