How difficult was it to integrate the pieds-noirs into French life?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
After France's withdrawal from Algeria and the exodus of around one million pieds-noirs from Algeria to France in 1962, how difficult was it to integrate the pieds-noirs into French life in the years and decades ahead?

I would imagine that it wouldn't have been too easy considering that most pieds-noirs were, in fact, born in Algeria--with many of them living in Algeria for generations. However, I was wondering if anyone else here has more details in regards to the integration and assimilation of pieds-noirs in France after 1962.
May 2017
In France in 1962, there was no unemployment; the PN were received with priority in the HLM (habitations with little prices of location).A lot of them were integrated with facilities in the administrations,the french post,the army and the territorial administrations.For me it is only a political and cultural problem:the feeling to be victim of a trahison,and the way of life,because Alsace is not Algiers...
I think the real problem was the situation of the "Harkis",algerian soldiers of France;obliged to restitute their arms,slaughtered by the FLN,and parked like convicts in camps of internment until the 70s......