How do the People of Spain View the People of Thier Former Colonies in the Americas?

Apr 2017
How do the people of Spain view the people of their former colonies in the Americas? Do they see them as the same race/ethnicity or as different people speaking a similar language?


Ad Honorem
Dec 2014
Well.. here we have not different vision about people from America... of course, there are jokes etc but not racism... they are from different places... .from Argentina or Chili to Puerto Rico (People from Puerto Rico have right to the Spanish passport), Cuba... etc... it depends on political situation... nowadays it is coming lot of people from Venezuela (Most of them Criollos)... but also people from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras (mostly of them Indians or Mestizos)....

From former dominions as Louisiana, Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Nuevo México etc... sincerely... I never saw none... save as US citizens. Yes people from Brazil (also it is easier for them to have Spanish passport... 3/4 area Brazil belonged to the Empire) and Chili etc.. In Spain not segregation.. people don´t live in different areas etc.... only it depends on money.
About language they speak Spanish.. and native languages some of them. Specially people from Peru, High Peru (Bolivia), Paraguay.

Nationality is easier for people from Americas, Portugal, Andorra, Ecuatorial Guinea, Philippines (and I guess Micronesia) and Sefarditas.


However people from the former Dominions in Italy, Low Countries or Burgundy... not included.