How do we prevent the Spanish from gaining Luzon

Oct 2011
How do we prevent the Spanish from gaining Luzon

This is basically how, what we need is for one of the factions in the Civil war after the death of Soliman I without Spanish help..

the factions were:
-Lakandula's faction - Bolkiah
-Soliman's faction - Bolkiah
The two got split after the death of Rajah Aceh/Matanda
-Balagtas' faction - Majapahit, descended from the last ruler of the Majapahit and the rival royal house against the Bolkiah, they fled from Majapahit after it was disestablished.

These three factions claim the title Lakan and Rajah of the Tagalogs title..

If one of these three defeats the other two without help from the Spanish, then the Island would be as safe as Mindanao from Spanish conquest.

Tondo needs to reform, I think the Kingdom of Tondo needs to be an actual Kingdom rather than a Confederacy composed of Semi Independent Substates(Kumintang, Kaboloan and Namayan) and City States like Lihan, Faru(Aparri) and Bigan etc.. ruled under Tondo, The Maguindanao Sultanate did quite centralize and its subordinates , the Lanao Sultanates and the Mountain Tribes of Mindanao were loyal subjects/vassals of the Sultan of Maguindanao.