How do you celebrate midsummer.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Nothing really. At least in the part of the country I'm from. I think they still light bonfires in Carinthia and Upper Carniola but not here. Maypoles are still up from May Day though, when we also lit bonfires.

Legends say on Midsummer Night you can understand animals, can find treasure and encounter witches and other magical beings. In the past they used to pick certain flowers before the dawn of St John the Baptist's Day (Šentjanževo), which was supposed to give them special powers, especially if you pick them naked at a crossroad (don't ask me why). These plants include the nessle, ferns, ivanjščica (Leucanthemum) and šentjanževka (perforate St John's wort).
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Nov 2018
In Denmark, plants and springs had magical power on Midsummer Eve.

So medicinal plants and magical herbs had to be collected that evening.

Many people gathered around the most popular springs where the sick bathed to be healed.

This attracted enterprising traders who put up stalls where you could buy everything especially remedies against thirst.

It often meant that the celebration ended with a proper brawl.
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Jan 2014
Santiago de Chile
Here it's winter solstice day, one of the native groups celebrates their new years on this day, the longest night of the year shortest day. No bonfires to my knowledge although a minority of them have become known to torch farms in what most people would consider terrorist attacks, but again not the same as bonfires.
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Dec 2017
On some occasions, Czechs and Slovaks come to us to celebrate midsummer. It's sually a small group. Come. You are welcome. Or go to Carinthia. Midsummer is our.