How do you celebrate midsummer.

Nov 2018
It is interesting, in Lithuania people burn female doll at another celebration with mixed pagan/christian tradition. It is celebrated at break between winter and spring. Doll symbolizes female deity of winter, death and witchcraft. Burning is symbolized banishment of winter.
It is not really known who first started burning a witch on the Midsummer fire in Denmark. Maybe the custom of burning a witch doll stems from some German shipyard workers, which was in Denmark in the 1920s. The German customs purpose of burning it was also to evade evil.


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Aug 2013
Lorraine tudesque
I was in the cinema yesterday and saw the film.

I can't really decide what I think about it.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that 14 people die on the screen, it never gets really scary.

Several times, I sat and laughed hysterically and I could hear there were others in cinema who felt the same way.

The plot is built over a kind of Viking community far out in the Swedish forests, which either has survived the tooth of time or is a kind of reconstruction.

I think that's the last because a nice portion of new age / feminist Wicca has been built into the Viking / Swedish folkloric superstructure.

It could have been a good story, and I was positive at the beginning, but frankly as the story evolved, it became a total parody.

However, go see it yourself, maybe it's just me and the end is certainly not the traditional Hollywood ending
The idea is not really new

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Oct 2016
We put up pine trees and spray them and the window edges and other things with fake 'Santa Snow' ... big fat men wear heavy bearded costumes and coats and boots and go " Ho ho ho " and then collapse from heatstroke. We pin up holly even though it doesnt grow here and do an aweful lot of shopping . We then exchange presents and fight with relatives we have not seen all year. Some get drunk and have car accidents .
Aug 2014
Holly grows here. Our garden had a large clump of it in one corner. Our house was built in the 19th century and it was hit by lightening early in its life. The holly was subsequently planted as a ward against future lightning strikes. The house was never struck again so I guess it worked :)
It wasn't much use for Christmas decorations because the berries ripened in winter, not summer.
It is nasty stuff to rip out of the ground. The spiked leaves are vicious.
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Nov 2018
It must be strange to celebrate a winter celebration in summer.
Jesus' birth is, of course, a historic event.
However, since no one knows Jesus' birthday, it would make more sense to celebrate it, June 24, south of the equator.
If you think of what he, himself has said (John, 8, 12) it makes good sense also without mixing old pagan customs into it.
Fortunately, in Denmark we are still celebrating Yule and not Christ Mass, although the Catholic priests tried to change the name.
Aug 2014
You wouldn't be burning candles outside in the middle of an Australian summer. The weather is so hot that they melt before you light them. You might get away with pure beeswax candles but not paraffin.

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