How do you celebrate midsummer.

Nov 2018
You wouldn't be burning candles outside in the middle of an Australian summer. The weather is so hot that they melt before you light them.
Exactly, but we are not all trying to relive our childhood Christmas and if your memories are burning candles, roast pork with different potato dishes, red cabbage and plenty of sauce and only one's first family members., then the barbecue, bikini and beach party wouldn't feel like Christmas.
Jan 2019
We had two big pyres ready to go, but there was a forest fire warning that wasn't lifted even though there was rain that day. Safety is paramount afterall. The next day on the news it was said that the police had been busy putting down pyres. Maybe come autumn and it's all dark outside, the lit pyres will look even more magnificent. We unfortunately have no custom of putting any effigys on the pyres, it would be nice if we did.
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Nov 2018
We had a ban last year due to drought.
I do not know what became of the bonfires that were built, but autumn equinox would be an obvious opportunity to burn them.

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