How do you defend against the Mongols?

Nov 2014
In hindsight. how would you defend against the Mongols, say if you were advising the Jin or the Xi XIa, how would you advise them to defend against the Mongols knowing what we do now with the benefit of hindsight, considering their limitations?


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Jan 2017
fortifies towns , it work just fine
then have roving cavalry units picking off their foraging raiders
do not confront them head on , just bite them from everywhere
it force them to keep grouped and slow down their movements
it make their destruction path much more narrow and predictable
Jun 2012
Alauddin Khilji of Delhi Sultanate wud be your man. His forces beat the the Mongols at their own game. Not once, but five times. Matched them for fierceness, ferocity & brutality every step of the way. Outfoxed them, outfought them, outmanoeuvred them, outbrutalised them. Crushed them & tore them apart completely.

Other than that, the Vietnamese lured them up a river planted with spikes, just before the tide turned, and trapped & destroyed their attack boats as the water level went down. The Javanese first allied with them to whup a rival Javanese kingdom, then plied them with rice & coconut wine during the victory celebrations, next pounced on them unexpectedly as they became stone drunk.
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Aug 2017
I would say stick to fortifications as much as possible. When not possible, use armies with plenty of foot archers defended by disciplined heavy infantry, with a goal of driving them off rather than outright defeating them.


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Jul 2015
Use armies with lots of wagons. That way the infantry has protection and can use their range advantage of the bowmen. That way your armies are also always a threat to besieging armies. The Russians end eastern Europeans later did this as well (with the Hussites being the best known example albeit against Germans).

That being said I think there are few things scarier than a Mongol army under the command of Genghis Khan. so I doubt you could really stop him.


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Jan 2017
Gengis had a standing policy of asking for submission first , mongol rule was actually pretty light ,moderate taxes , support for trade , no religious bigotry ,law and order to the Nth degree
of course a refusal was treated with utter devastation and the enslavement of a few valuable artisans ,
....word got around


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Aug 2016
Did anyone try economic warfare on the Mongols? Destroy their ability to wage war by destroying their economy? It might be useful to understand economy as the process by which a society turns natural resources into food, clothing, shelter, and everything else the society needs or wants. How similar were the Mongols to Native Americans? By killing off the buffalo, the US destroyed the Indian means of waging war or of doing anything else for that matter. Did similar opportunities exist vs the Mongols?