How do you get a lot of Russians to settle in the southern parts of the Russian Empire?

Jan 2014
They could still break away even without communism, they long despised Russian rule. If not war or civil war, they would wait for some other event.
Before WWI Latvian's supported Russian rule in general. Their main rivals were local Germans, but Russians were allies. (But I Dont know exactly about Estonians and Lithuanians.)

Known Latvian Riflemen were formed in Russian Army during WWI from Latvian volunteers. In sutation of German invasion and uncertainty Latvians sided for Russia definitely.
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Ad Honoris
May 2014
BTW, @Slavon, do you think that any other Russian city other than Moscow and St. Petersburg could have acquired a total population of five million people or more by now in a scenario where the Communists never actually seize power in Russia?